Mulching Made “EASY”

When you look at your yard do you feel it looks dull and drab?  Do you wonder what is one single thing I can do to improve the look of my yard or landscape of your workplace or grounds?  Something that is low in cost and doesn’t waste your valuable time?  Now you can stop pondering and let the mulch professionals at Riverside Stump Dump, Inc. provide you with the answer.  Simply consider the look of well placed mulch around your plant beds, slopes, and natural areas. Contact RSD  today and let us help you maintain a beautifully landscaped lawn!

Riverside Stump Dump recommends mulching as it reduces moisture evaporation, improves soil conditions, minimizes weed competition, decreases soil erosion, and improves soil aeration. We can provide you with the proper mulching services to keep your shrubberies and flowerbeds healthy and attractive. We have several types of mulch priced to fit your budget!

 Mulch Types

Single Grind

Double Grind (brown and dark)

Fine Grind (brown and dark)

Hardwood Bark

Double Grind Pine Bark


Our mulch is as organic as it gets! None of our mulch has been dyed. Brown mulch = freshly ground / dark = naturally aged. Come on by one of our locations & check out our many options to find your favorite.

Mulch Deliveries

Riverside Stump Dump delivers any quantity of mulch desired. We can deliver up to 5 CY of Topsoil, up to 15 CY of Double Dark and up to 18 CY of all other mulch products. Also a walking floor trailer capable of hauling 75 cubic yards per load. RSD has a “shorter” truck available to deliver where overhead space is limited. Call for pricing. If you need help calculating the cubic yard’s needed for your project follow link

Bulk Loads vs Bags of Mulch

Bulk loads of mulch are measured in cubic yards, where bags are measured in cubic feet. It takes 13.5 of  the 2 cubic feet bags to equal 1 cubic yard of mulch. It takes 9 of the 3 cubic feet bags to equal 1 cubic yard of mulch. You can save a lot of time and money buying wholesale from Riverside Stump Dump!


Material Pricing Effective June 5, 2023

All Prices are by the Cubic Yard
Single Grind House Made Product $22.00
Double Grind Brown House Made Product $25.00
Double Grind Dark House Made Product $28.00
Hardwood Bark $40.00
Screened Topsoil $40.00
Double Pine Bark $42.00
$1.00 off per yard on all orders above 10 cubic yards on house made products only

0-10 Miles $50
$6 Per mile over 10 Miles

Please call 828-258-7339 to schedule a delivery.