how we doing guys I hope we’re well thank you for tuning in today I am going to be bringing you V Jordan 3 golf shoes so let’s check them out okay so I got the shoes and not long ago guys and to tell you the truth I am I’m fairly unsure on them if I’m brutally honest they are obviously the Air Jordan threes Air Jordan threes they are kind of my favorite of the the Jordan range I like the ones but the fries are kind of my favorite and so I thought let’s get hold of this let’s see how it looks and to tell you the truth guys with a pair of golf trousers kinda looks a little on a funkier side ,cheap jordan 11 low,but let’s have a little look at the shoe there are some lovely lovely details first details that I want to bring you is the elephant prints which is kind of one of the signatures of the Air Jordan 3 range so as you can see there you have lovely elephant print across the front of the shoe.

you do have the same print around the back as well which is really really nice the leather is really premium on the shoe guys so I don’t think it’s gonna be that leather that kind of gets that weird watery stain on there I don’t think it’s gonna be live at all it is waterproof you do have some waxy flat front laces as well which are really nice and then the gold lace –let’s are a really really nice touch as well my favorite parts of the shoe is the back of the shoe which you do have the first old-school naik Gulf logo,cheap jordan 11, so that there you normally have the Jumpman logo on the on the Air Jordan threes but for this one you do have the old school night and it’s in a really nice kind of metallic gold embossed on there which is really really smart technology in the shoe you do have a lunar on foam midsole and you do have an articulated TPU plate the runs through the shoe as well which is giving you a little bit of the phone’s giving you a little bit of comfort and then the plating through it is giving you that little bit of stability as well crazy amount of cushioning in the heel really really crazy .

I mean it’s it does feel really comfortable your ankle on the top of the shoe as you can see looking down it is a fairly narrow front of the shoe I went for a nine and a half which is my normal size in Nike and and it’s kind of pinch a little bit imagine if I was to wear them a lot then that would ease off and I’d probably be okay but really nice shoe really high-quality shoe I’m not sure,jordan 11 china,how I feel about them yet I just can’t see them going with any number of outfits that I would want to put together it’s kind of more of a summertime kind of outfit of shorts white version however a massive fan of if anyone’s got white version hit me up I would definitely definitely talk about that but guys I hope you enjoyed this look at these they are a very very premium shoe I believe they’re sold out most places but you should still be able to find the odd size here and there so guys I hope you enjoyed the video please hit that like button hit that subscribe button and I will see you all over the next one