We live in a world full of replicas; it is quite hard to differentiate between a fake and original these days. But, we can spot fake from the original, and today we will teach you on how to spot it too.

When it comes to spotting fake Air Jordan Shoes, there are five things you should take into consideration;
1.Do you think the price is too good to be true?
If you want to get real Jordan shoes, you should be ready to pay actual Jordan prices that are the hard truth. If you see a Jordan shoe at a ridiculously low price, it is either fake or stolen.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am not implying you can’t get authentic cheap Jordan shoes for sale, I am only saying when the cheap Jordan shoes become so cheap, and then it is either fake or stolen.

2.Take a second look at the box size
Does your size 10 Jordan looks like it’s in a bigger sized box? Is the box easy to unglue? If yes, then there are no two ways about it, those Jordans are a fake. But wait, you should know that counterfeiters have gotten better in making their stuff look real, just because you saw tags in the box doesn’t make it real; it might still be a fake.

Jordan boxes always come with a stamp inside the box, so if yours have no seal, then it isn’t real.

3.Check the most overlooked place, inside the shoe
Away to know if a Jordan shoe is a fake or not is to check inside the shoe and look and the size tag. Real Jordans always have a size tag in them. But for some reason I don’t understand, fake Jordans don’t have any size tag in them. I think they forgot to add it or they didn’t know Jordans came with size tags, lol.

4.Don’t forget the shoes itself
The best way to know a fake Jordan shoe is through the shoe itself. cheap jordan shoes,In the case of an authentic Jordan, there should be a little yellowing around the blue parts of the bottom; the yellow is really subtle, so people don’t really notice it, you should check for it. If there is no yellowing, then it is a fake Jordan.

If you can scratch the paint of your Jordans and bend the carbon fiber with your fingers, then it is fake no doubts. The carbon in real Jordan is very hard, and you just can’t bend it.

If you get a Jordan designed with “23” on the back and the number is compressed and has a lighter white shade, then it is fake.

5.Check the height
Real Jordans are longer than fake Jordans. However, you would find it difficult to tell the difference until you the two side by side, the difference isn’t that visible, but they are different. For real Jordans, the Jumpman embroidery has 4 fingers stitched on each hand; for the replica, the Jumpman features on 3 fingers.

Although the difference between a fake and real Jordan is not so glaring, they are different and with this guide, you could differentiate them now.

from www.mvpjordan.com