it was on his feet during his first championship run the Air Jordan six of course ticket was at the helm when it came to design and mic well he was just starting to show us his greatness this is the air join six and the story behind the shoe Tinker Hatfield was killing it says he started back with the Air Jordan 3 love for the Jordan signature line just kept going through the roof of course.

it wasn’t all tinker’s doing Michaels putting a major work on the court but before we get there let’s talk about the Air Jordan 6 tigress design I once again refined the look of the sneaker and one of the most notable areas of the shoe was the tongue tickler included a rubber top to the tongue that included two holes that made it easier to get into your shoes now,cheap jordan 11, while most would stop there when they reference the design the shoe also featured sculpted mid soles and translucent outsoles the overall design of the air jordan six showed us early on how taker thought about design from both the functional and an aesthetic perspective the heel tab on the air jordan cigs took its inspiration from the wing spoiler on a porsche .

there’s even evidence that the different colors on the upper making the abstract version of the number 23 however not everything on the air jordan 6 was brand new the visible air unit was a staple and Nike product at the time and so it remained as did the lace lock both of which appeared on the Air Jordan 5 by all accounts the 1991 season was a windfall for Jordan his game was on point not only did he averaged 31.5 points per game that year,cheap jordan shoes, he was voted first team all-nba first team All Defense made it six straight all-star appearance and was also named the 1991 league MVP those things alone will make this mark of an incredible season but it didn’t stop there Jordan the Bulls went on to win their first NBA championship and Jordan was named NBA Finals MVP now if that wasn’t enough of a Hollywood ending for you comedian Jerry Seinfeld was spotted wearing the shoe on his show and Tinka was tapped to design a boot for another Michael Michael Keaton in this case for the role of Batman in the 1992 movie Batman Returns and speaking of returns the Jordan 6 eventually did make its return in the year 2000 and the Olympic colorway and a few others of course and in 2006 it made his first appearance as a low-cut version of the shoe and since were talking colorways ,cheap jordans for sale,the Jordan 6 originally released in six colorways none of which actually matched the same red as on the Jersey but four of those five were closed now if we had to give the Jordan six a nickname it’d probably have to be champ it was a Michaels feat when he won his first championship and there is no other Jordan that can actually say that encapsulated air Porchlight ring on the heel lace locks a translucent outsole a talented designer and a player with an unstoppable will to win that is what makes this shoe so special I am your host Jacques Slade and this is the Air Jordan six